November 6, 2013

Secret 22 Year Old Humboldt Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Finally Shared With World

November 6, 2013
golden tree hydroponic nutrient marijuana cannabis

golden tree hydroponic nutrient marijuana cannabisThere are more people growing marijuana now than ever before. I remember back in the 90’s it was a rare treat to get to see someone’s marijuana garden, but now it seems like I’m being invited to look at someone’s garden every day. Whether you are a rookie grower, or a seasoned veteran, you are no doubt always looking for something that will increase your harvest yields and harvest quality. Especially if you are growing hydroponically, which is a bit trickier.

Something that can be added to any hydroponic recipe is Golden Tree. It’s similar to Canna Boost and Gravity, but works much better based on my experience. I’ve used all three, and the improved results from Golden Tree were undeniable. I got one of my friends to do a side by side, one side using Golden Tree and the other side not, and the plants that used Golden Tree dominated.

Marijuana plants don’t have nervous systems. Marijuana plants communicate via their hormones. That’s where Golden Tree comes in. The trace elements in Golden Tree increase this communication, creating larger root bases and larger plants. This of course increases the yield of your harvest.

Golden Tree contains concentrated doses of growth hormones, cytokins, auxins, enzymes and vitamins. For those that don’t know what cytokins are, cytokins are a name used to describe a diverse group of soluble proteins, glycoproteins, or peptides which act as hormonal regulators or signaling molecules and help to signal cells. Cytokins play an important role in eliminating stress responses in marijuana plants, which is very important. Immunity control is also controlled via cytokins, which is important for fighting off plant disease. Helping to fight off plant disease is in itself enough of a reason to try Golden Tree.

Auxins play a major role in the major growth and development of the plant body. Auxins control cell division and multiplication. The more division and multiplication that occurs, the larger your plants, and therefore the larger your harvest. Which is what your aiming for, isn’t it? If you are looking for the strongest garden possible, pick up some Hydroponic Plant Nutrient Golden Tree. It’s guaranteed to increase your crop yields, make your plants more pest and disease resistant, and make your plants grow at an accelerated speed.

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