March 8, 2016

Smoke Cartel’s End Of Winter Travel Gear Guide

March 8, 2016
smoke cartel winter gear

It’s that time of year again. Snow is melting and spring is springing. Like little blossoms, smokers will begin to unfurl themselves and open up to the sunshine. Many will travel to the mountains or beaches of their choosing and presumably go about becoming one with nature and discovering their true inner selves. Here at Smoke Cartel, we want to help you keep your trips as hassle-free as possible, so you can let the enlightenment completely take over you.


smoke cartel bubblers

For starters, you’ll need to know what kind of a piece you’re going to base your adventure around. And why not bring all of the bubbly percolation that you get from your water pipe back home than with a bubbler? Bubblers make smooth hits on-the-road easy and attainable. All you need is a water fountain, bathroom sink, or a bottle of water to keep your bubbler bubbling. Sesh Supply has two bubblers that are great for travelling: the “Theseus,” a bubbler-spoon hybrid, and the “Ossa,” a portable faberge egg that’s perfect for both dry herbs and concentrates.

Some other portable bubblers include UPC’s famous Fumed Bubbler and the Purr Glass Pocket Bubbler, the perfect size for your glove compartment. They both provide excellent percolation for a great price, and the Purr Glass Pocket Bubbler even has a pair of convenient rings that makes it easy to wear as a necklace. For concentrate users, the Honeybird Survival Kit from Nectar Collector makes portable concentrate a breeze, and the Honeybird even has a water chamber so you can get the same kind of chubbler that you enjoy from your bubbler!


smoke cartel vaporizers

For those smokers that are looking to keep their lungs healthy and hands relatively free, a portable vaporizer is another great piece to plan your trip around. The Vapor Blunt Pinnacle Pro includes a hydrotube that can connect to the vaporizer’s mouthpiece to allow for big bubbly vapor rips. For discreet pen style vapes, Grenco Science’s G Pen and the Kandypens Donut Pen are great for dry herbs and concentrates respectively. For even more discretion, the Vapor Cup is a vaporizer designed to look like a coffee cup, so you can vape while looking like a regular nonchalant tourist. The Pax 2 is one of the most powerful handheld vapes on the market, and its slender frame can fit into any pocket or backpack with ease.


smoke cartel handpipes

As far as handpipes go, one of the newest travel-minded handpipes to burst onto the market is the Genius Pipe. The Genius Pipe cools down smoke to water pipe-levels using the dimple technology that’s used in cooling nuclear reactors and also on the surface of golf balls. It’s got the power of a bong with the discretion and health benefits of a vaporizer. For something a little headier, Haha Glass’s tentacle sherlocks, such as the “Orange and Blue” Tentacle Sherlock, were designed with the appalachian sky in mind. These sherlocks use high quality glass and make for beautiful pendants for ease of use. For one-hitters and chillums, the Shroomy Mushroom Chillum from Smoky Mountain Glass is as cute as it is dependable, while Grav Lab’s Glass Blunt is a popular choice for those looking for the feel of a blunt without the hassle of papers.


smoke cartel storage

The best place to start when looking for storage is with a stash jar. If you’re in for a long trip, you may need some extra storage other than your grinder to keep your stash fresh. 420 Science offers a great UV-Protected Stash Jar with three different tasteful decals. For concentrates, the Budderblocks Stackable Silicone Slab is a nice thin palette that can be doubled up if need be. It’s thin size also makes it suitable for a suitcase or duffel bag. For a massive oil stash, you might want to check out the Oil Barrel Silicone Container from High Tech Glassworks and Sky High. At 4″ tall and with a 2.5″ diameter, you’ll be able to fit a massive quantity of thin or waxy oils to keep you satisfied for a long drive without having to make too many pit stops.

If you’re bringing along a Nectar Collector, the Parabolic Dish is a perfect companion to keep your concentrates stashed away safely while also providing the perfect glass surface for you to nectar collect right off of from anywhere. Lastly, you can keep all of your glass together and safe with the CannaCASE, available in the large “Rhino” style or the smaller “Shafer” style. With the dimpled foam inserts, your glass will be protected from any sudden braking on your car or bus, and of course should your luggage accidentally fall from your hotel window (it happens).

Get out there!

With just a few of these products that suit your tastes and travel needs, you’ll be prepared for anything out there. Just remember to pack a lighter (try out our rechargeable Arc Lighter!) and slap a Peach Pin on your bag to represent, and go chase some waterfalls and rainbows.

Smoke Cartel is a headshop based in Savannah, Georgia, one of the most naturally beautiful and historic spots in the United States. Just a short drive from Congaree National Park,

Everglades National Park, the Georgia Golden Isles, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Smoke Cartel is the ultimate online headshop for adventurous spirits.

smoke cartel


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