August 9, 2014

VapeXhale Launches VapeXNail, Attachment For VapeXhale Cloud EVO

August 9, 2014

vapexnailI posted a product review for the VapeXHale Cloud EVO once upon a time, which is an amazing product. If you are like me, and you like huge hits, than you will like the Cloud EVO. You can read the review at this link here. Another stellar product by the same company is the VapeXNail, which compliments the Cloud EVO. Below is more information, as well as how to order the product:

Company brings sophistication to popular “dabbing” trend, providing first vaporizer to support convective and conductive extraction

VapeXhale, the leader in innovative vaporization technology, announced the launch of its newest product, VapeXNail, an essential oils attachment for VapeXhale’s signature vaporizer product, the VapeXhale Cloud EVO.

“VapeXNail brings something that isn’t currently in the marketplace, creating a much more elegant and sophisticated way to dab,” said VapeXhale CEO Seibo Shen. “VapeXhale has designed the first vaporizer that works with convective and conductive principles for a much smoother extraction of herbal remedies. VapeXhale’s Cloud EVO’s popularity led us to develop the VapeXNail, for those wanting an all-around, safer dabbing experience.”

“Dabbing,” a method of cannabis concentrate consumption that utilizes high heat on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaled, is rising in popularity amongst the cannabis community—particularly among consumers who require a higher level of cannabinoids to feel relief. Innovative technology products, such as the VapeXNail, have made it possible to practice dabbing without using hazardous instruments, such as torches and butane. Concentrates also offer powerful doses of medicine to those with severe or chronic pain.

VapeXNail allows consumers to vaporize cannabis concentrates rather than dab them, using a mixture of vaporization and volatization to transform concentrate into a smokeable form. VapeXNail eliminates the need for butane, torches, or a hot surface to “dab,” simply requiring that customers insert it into the VapeXhale Cloud EVO for use. The product’s methodology allows customers to use essential oils much more efficiently and economically, reducing usage of up to fifty percent less essential oil for desired results.

Customers can now order the VapeXNail, priced at $25, on the VapeXhale website  ( In addition to VapeXNail, VapeXhale also offers its signature vaporizer product the VapeXhale Cloud EVO, hydratubes, botanicals, and other accessories for consumers.


About VapeXNail

Designed by VapeXhale, the VapeXNai is a newly launched essential oil attachment that provides a new way to consume concentrates using a mixture of vaporization and combustion transforming it into a smokable form. VapeXNail eliminates the need for butane, torches, or a hot surface to “dab”. The product’s methodology allows customers to use essential oils much more efficiently and economically, requiring up to sixty percent less concentrate for desired results. For more information, visit

About VapeXhale Cloud® EVO

Designed by VapeXhale, the VapeXhale Cloud EVO is a vaporizer that provides top-quality, flavorful and pure vapor without harshness or dryness. Made entirely of glass, an inert and non-reactive material, VapeXhale’s patent-pending HydraTube delivery system utilizes built-in aerators for cooling and diffusion to provide the most sensual vaporizing experience.  The vaporizer’s advanced PerpetuHeat Heating System keeps the unit running at a consistent temperature and the enclosure is designed with Zytel, a material which increases heat resistance, and offers a wide temperature range. The vaporizer is able to generate quick, consistent, and non-eroding heat in only two minutes to provide a high-quality experience for every type of user. For more information, visit


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