February 28, 2012

What Is A ‘CannaCig’?

February 28, 2012
cannacig box

cannacig boxRapid Fire Marketing Executes Agreement with Otherside Health Management for distribution of the CannaCig

Rapid Fire Marketing announced today that the Company has executed a comprehensive agreement with Otherside Health Management for the distribution of the CannaCig. The agreement is in place now for distribution of the CannaCig in the state of California as well as facilitating distribution of the CannaCig throughout the U.S. and abroad. Otherside Health Management will be responsible for marketing and contracts with additional distributors nationally and internationally.

The CannaCig is being shipped and will be available on shelves in medical cannabis dispensaries throughout California beginning of March 2012. Production of the CannaCig will be stepped up over the coming weeks to fulfill the demand that already exists as well as the anticipated increasing demand going forward. Specific distribution numbers of CannaCig units will be forthcoming in additional news releases from Rapid Fire Marketing.

The launch of the CannaCig and subsequent brands, is the first step in the new relationship with Otherside Health Management. Over the last several weeks technological advances, significant expansion of relationships with medical cannabis dispensaries, as well as celebrity endorsement interests have been established. It is the dedicated objective through the expanding relationship with Otherside Health Management to build a strong group of brands to penetrate the national, and international, marketplace with the highest quality products.

To that end, immediate plans are to produce several new versions of the CannaCig, with different branding and names. Several of these products are already under development. Some of the new products include celebrity endorsed limited editions as well as products specifically tailored for foreign markets. We have ensured user input and preferences have been gathered to determine the best strategy with regard to development of the CannaCig and follow-on brands. By combining technologies developed by Rapid Fire Marketing and Otherside Health Management, an excellent suite of products have been developed or are being developed that will ensure user satisfaction and brand loyalty.

The CannaCig and follow-on brands will employ a more sophisticated technology. Rather than traditional smoke or a vaporizer, the device will use a microchip-controlled atomizer to produce a vapor that can be inhaled which actually tastes and feels like smoke from a regular marijuana cigarette. The vapor is nearly odor free and the vapor pen looks like an electronic cigarette. Users will no longer need to sneak off and find a quiet place to “smoke”. The harmful side effects of actual smoke are eliminated as well. The new CannaCig, as well as follow-on brands, will come with a carrying case and be packaged professionally. Each new product line will be tailored to the target audience and country.

“This has been one of the biggest steps our Company has ever taken. We are very pleased to finally have a distributor with the distribution and connections that Otherside Health Management has,” said Mike Amezquita, CEO of Rapid Fire Marketing. “We appreciate the patience of our shareholders through this process because it has not been easy for us or them. And, most of all we appreciate the efforts of Tom Allinder, our Director of Shareholder Communications and Business Development. He has worked tirelessly 7 days a week to pull all of this together. Tom has overcome all obstacles to get this deal done and take our Company to the next level,” Amezquita said.

Judah Neiditch of Otherside Health Management stated, “Over the past seven years I have been researching this technology and looking for the right opportunity to work with a company that has proper protocol for I believe this is the future of marijuana consumption. Out of all the cannabis vapor devices I have personally researched and tested, I’m happy to have found a device and company I truly believe has the right product and formula to become the leader in this industry.”

cannacig box



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