August 29, 2015

What Is Cannawater?

August 29, 2015
cannawater udoxi scientific

cannawater udoxi scientificHave You Ever Tried Cannawater?

I was at Udoxi Scientific laboratories in Portland, Oregon recently, and the Udoxi owners showed me something I had not seen before – cannawater. I have seen cannabis milk, and obviously tinctures and other liquid cannabis products before, but I had not seen cannabis water up until that point. It seems like a no brainer idea, but it’s actually not as easy to make as other liquid cannabis products. A lot of people that I’ve talked to about it think it’s just boiling cannabis in water, but that’s not how it’s made. Below is a great description about that, via Star City Plaza:

Without proper decarboxylation and preparation of the glandular material, this plain boiling will yield low psychoactive effects, as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive agent in cannabis, is not a water-soluble compound.

To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how Udoxi makes their cannawater, or how they ‘prepare the glandular material,’ but I don’t have to to know that their cannawater is off the charts amazing. For starters, it’s a very easy way to measure dosage, from light to extra-strong and anywhere in between. Every ml of cannawater contains 40mg of active THC, so you can use a liquid dropper with ml measurements, and consume as much THC as you see fit. I often like to ride the higher high, so I don’t measure as often and just give a dash of cannabis water and it’s fantastic,. But for those that like to be more methodical with their consumption, it makes measure dosage as easy as it can be.

The cannawater is virtually tasteless. If you drink it by itself it’s like drinking water with a small hint of cannabis, but it’s extremely subtle in my opinion. When you add it to other stuff though, you can’t taste anything at all. It’s like the cannawater just takes on the taste and smell of whatever it’s put in. I have put it in everything from oatmeal to juice and it instantly makes an ordinary food item quite a bit better! It looks milky, but there are no milk products in it whatsoever (hurray for non-dairy folks!), and it’s as thin as water, not thicker like the consistency of milk.

Cannawater is one of the many things that Udoxi Scientific makes for Oregon growers. I love what they do for growers because I used to be a grower, and I always wished that there was just someone I could drop my trim and under-branches off to and have them turn them into amazing concentrates and other fantastic items. That’s exactly what Udoxi Scientific does. You can give them your trim, they will turn it into cannawater, or BHO, or just about anything else you can think of for a very reasonable rate.

I dropped off some trim there to get made into wax the other day (that’s when they showed me the cannawater), and it turned out amazing and I just paid them a fee and got to keep all of it. There is obviously a seemingly never ending supply of dab makers out there that you can give your trim to, but they almost always seem to work slow, and you have to do a hash split with them, and you never know how it’s going to work out in the end, etc. etc.. At Udoxi it is always no nonsense. You bring in your stuff to process, they will process it, you get all of end product produced, and simply pay a processing fee. It takes so much headache out of everything.

All of their products are amazing, so contact them to see what they offer and what their rates are. I endorse everything that I have seen while I’ve been up there, especially the cannawater. It’s so versatile, and can be infused into just about anything you could eat or drink. My biggest complaint about most cannabis infused products is that they aren’t that strong, which I know, is way out of vogue these days because the trend is moving towards lighter edibles and all that fun stuff. I get it. Just realize that there are still people out there like me that like it extra strength, and if you are one of those people, know that cannawater is a stellar way to go. And if you like it light, that works to because you just put a much smaller drop in your drink or whatever. It works for everyone.

If you are an Oregon grower and you want to get your stuff processed, contact Udoxi. You can also check out Udoxi Scientific on Instagram.


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