What Is Greenline Academy?


Readers interested in the medical marijuana industry may have come across Greenline Academy. For those who haven't, Greenline Academy has been touring across the US and Canada, providing two-day seminars that educate people, providing them a total understanding of the Medical Marijuana/Cannabis industry. The Greenline Academy program's goal is to protect and bring a patient, caregiver and grower into this new industry with full compliance of the laws and regulations.

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Attendees were always leaving the seminars excited about advancing their own careers. As the program picked up steam, founder, Don Schulz, would receive countless emails, asking if he would hold his seminars in more places. As a result, Greenline Academy went about creating a way that people could partake in the two-day seminars without needing a plane ticket!

After months of development, Greenline Academy has just announced that its two-day seminar is now available as an online program. The online program includes almost fifty video training modules, broken into four sections: Growing Basics, US Legal Modules, Canadian Legal Modules, and Cannabis Therapeutics. The program also provides a two-module bonus section on growing purely organic product. For more information, check out their site at: http://www.greenlineacademy.com/education.