April 22, 2016

Wine Clubs Are Cool, But Not As Cool As Stoner Clubs

April 22, 2016
buddabox subscription club

There is a new wave of business coming to the cannabis industry: subscription clubs for stoners. With these new services, cannabis consumers around the country can subscribe to a club that receives awesome 420 essentials every month, shipped right to your doorstep.

The boxes typically include an assortments of goodies from glass, stickers, papers, candy, etc. Everything a good stoner needs restocked on a monthly basis – short of actual marijuana. You need to provide that yourself.

Companies are quickly popping up offering these services, but none are doing it better than BuddaBox. They currently are the only one of these companies that offers free shipping, money-back guarantee, and complete discretion in packing for those tokers still in their parents basement, or don’t want any judgement from the mailman.

Not only is the shipping super easy to join and maintain your subscription, BuddaBox is giving away some awesome stuff every month. Even with their lowest priced package ($19/mo.), you’re still guaranteed a piece in every box. As an added bonus, they never use China glass (AMERICA!). BuddaBox isn’t just for the smokers either. They offer a special 710Box, which is exclusively tailored for dabbers.

Don’t believe me how awesome these are? Check out this video made by some subscribers opening the April box.

Besides the high quality accessories, what really sets BuddaBox apart from the competition is their engagement with their members. You can talk to the people at BuddaBox via phone support, email support, or Facebook messenger. Their snapchat is awesome too – if you haven’t added them yet, you’re missing out on some awesome content. @buddabox420

With cannabis consumption becoming a new market for businesses, it’s exciting to see the next iteration of companies appealing to the smoker nation. These subscriptions services will undoubtedly grow as states grant more access to marijuana, and BuddaBox is primed to become the biggest player in the market.

buddabox subscription club


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