September 7, 2013

God’s Gift Strain Review

September 7, 2013
gods gift marijuana strain

What Does God’s Gift Taste Like?

God’s Gift strain has a dominant berry flavor that hits you with a citrus aftertaste as soon as you get settled in. This isn’t surprising, as these are some of the hallmarks of its parent strain, Granddaddy Purple. Some have also found it similar to the God OG Strain. That said, God’s Gift seeds lack the nutrients that cause the earthy pineapple taste of the latter, instead being lighter and more electric like the aforementioned citrus fruit.

How Does God’s Gift Make You Feel?

As befitting its Granddaddy Purple heritage, God’s Gift strain is extremely relaxing. Its sativa parent does at least give you a chance of moving about and getting things done for a bit, but if you allow inertia to set in, you’ll find yourself rapidly zonked out on the couch and snoozing the day away. Depression and anxiety will vanish into the ether, replaced by a warm glow that makes your mortal frame seek to meld with your couch. 

Is God’s Gift an Indica or a Sativa?

The God's Gift strain is an indica, not a sativa.

God’s Gift strain is an indica dominant hybrid. This means that it is a combination of indica and sativa strains, but the characteristics associated with the former tend to be stronger. Consequently, users will find it natural to unwind and relax when under the influence of God’s Gift, and it helps relieve stress and anxiety from its users.

What Strains Make God’s Gift?

God’s Gift strain hails from the august line of Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush, a daring pairing that was probably more successful than the pot smiths could have hoped. The marijuana masters who forged it are reputed to have been the BC Bud Depot, partnered with the famous Scorpion Crew, coming (like so many fine strains) straight out of California.

What Does God’s Gift Weed Look Like?

Picture a weed of rich, deep purple with evocative orange hairs. At times the underlying green is all but invisible, due to the prominence of the stark violet hues. The orange, too, can really pop, making this a truly gorgeous strain to behold. These colors are made even more distinct due to the relative compactness of the underlying plant, allowing you to focus on the beauty of the colas. They’re truly divine. God’s Gift Weed is the perfect moniker. 

God’s Gift Marijuana Strain Review

The God's Gift strain always gets good reviews.

Marijuana is peace, and few will bring you that peace with more surety than God’s Gift bud. The taste is the first thing that hits you- berries and a waft of citrus dancing across your palate. Delicious. Decadent. Delightful. When it comes to God’s Gift weed, you have just enough energy to either keep moving or peacefully collapse, but I for one tend to succumb to sweet, somnolescent slumber. 

What Kind of Strain is God’s Gift?

One of the keys to the(God’s Gift strain is the THC level, which runs high at up to 25-28%. That THC makes a real, noticeable difference in your experience, and is part of why using God’s Gift is such a transformative marijuana experience. 

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gods gift marijuana strain

gods gift marijuana strain


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