Master Kush Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

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Master Kush Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

Extracted courageously from Afghanistan's Hindu Kush region, the Master Kush strain of marijuana is a variety that stays compact and is forgiving to the inexperienced marijuana gardener. It grows powerfully in just about any medium including coco, soil, hydroton, water and even air. When explored through toking, Master Kush cannabis presents a highly potent smoking experience that is sweet, citrusy, earthy and smoothed. The high will enliven your creativity, spark your passion for living - and increase your appetite.

"Master Kush is a great Indica strain. Taste and smell similar to Bubba kush but with a more distinct bud formation. Taste great more of a piney smell with a great flavor. High is onset quickly amd body relaxing. Great if you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep." - Dabbindabshirt

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master kush marijuana strain
master kush marijuana strain
master kush marijuana strain