March 15, 2011

White Rhino Marijuana Strain Review

March 15, 2011
white rhino cannabis

white rhino cannabisWhite Rhino Marijuana Strain

This is a snapshot of some personal medication I picked up from a local dispensary in San Francisco.White Rhino is a great indica for patients dealing with nausea, this strains provides almost instant relief, some may feel the effects a lil more than other depending on your tolerance, but don’t get me wrong, it will creep up on you. Hit the jump for more.

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Marijuana Reviews:

Grade: A

Type:Hybrid — Mostly indica

Price: $10/G, $260/Ounce

Looks: Well manicured buds, tiny stems. Mix of bright green and beautiful orange hairs. Absurd amount of mature trichomes. Beautiful!

Smell: Like freshly picked flowers with lemon overtones. Very nice smell, medium pungency.

Taste: Smooth but dense. It tastes very floral with a hint of lemon.

Buzz Type:Creeper. This batch of Rhino has crippled many people. Starts in the head, making vision feel cloudy. It then starts to hit the body and is quite overpowering. After about 10 minutes I needed to sit down. This is once a day smoke. Very good for pain and stomach issues.

Buzz Length:Long. About 2 hours from .2g in a vaporizer. It has a tiring burnout but with a strain this potent I was prepared for it.

Overall:White Rhino is definitely a potent, beautiful looking strain of marijuana. There was this girl I did not know who was complaining about the prices, saying she could get bud for $5/G, so I told her to roll .5g and smoke it to her head. I said that if she was not satisfied I’d give her some for free.

Well clearly this girl was not a regular smoker. I actually almost felt bad doing this. She got halfway through, had to sit down and then she ‘greened out’. White Rhino is not a strain for new smokers. —Demo11

Our Weed:

One of the most potent crosses of White Widow is the White Rhino, which is a hybrid of the widow and a very powerful Indica plant. This makes the White Rhino an almost even blend of Sativa and Indica, but the latter has just a bit more punch in this baby. The THC content is very high, making this strain ideal for medical use.
Due to the sweet and hash-like taste, a water-pipe is ideal to utilize White Rhino to its full potential. The plant itself bears dense, short buds, glittering with crystals like its mother, White Widow.

White Rhino:
Indica 55/Sativa 45
Indoor or outdoor, even greenhouses
Short in height
Flowers in about 8 weeks
High THC content
Yields approximately 450 grams indoor, and 500 grams outdoor per plant


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