November 17, 2015

The Chewy Herb Grinder Makes Grinding Marijuana Very Easy

November 17, 2015
chewy herb grinder marijuana

chewy herb grinder marijuanaI remember back in the day when none of my friends would grind up their marijuana. I didn’t either. We would all just snap a piece of a nug off the bigger bud, put it in the bowl, and hit it. If we were rolling one up, we would break it up using our hands, but it wasn’t until I had been consuming marijuana for a couple of years that I acquired my first hand grinder. This was back in the mid 90’s when there weren’t head shops on every corner like there is now in Oregon. Plus I wasn’t old enough to go into the area of the head shop that had the grinders, so I was lucky to get my hands on the grinder when I did.

At first the grinder was fantastic. I first just used it for joint rolling purposes, but it didn’t take long until I was grinding up all of my marijuana, no matter how I was smoking it. The more surface area of the marijuana that the flame comes into contact with, the more efficiently it will burn, resulting in milky hits. It’s not exactly rocket science. Later in life I acquired various flower vaporizers, which definitely required the marijuana to be ground up.

I have found that not all grinders are the same though. Some have more teeth than others. Some get ‘gummed up’ faster than others as the ground up marijuana leaves a sort of build up behind. There have been some that have just warped over time, so when I would spin them, it was as if the top and bottom pieces no longer fit flush. And even when those hand grinders worked, it still took a lot of time to grind up the marijuana if you were rolling up a fattie. I’m from Oregon – we don’t exactly roll pinners around here. There were times when I felt like I was spending more time grinding up my marijuana than smoking it if my friends and I had some extra large papers or a blunt.

Keeping all of that in mind, you can understand why I’m impressed with a product called the ‘Chewy Herb Grinder’ which makes grinding up marijuana extremely easy. Picture in your head all the times you have used a spinning hand grinder, and how much of a hassle it was picking marijuana out of the grinder, and feeling like you didn’t get as much out as you put in for some reason. Or even worse, you had to break the marijuana up by hand, leaving your fingers so tacky that you could practically Spider Man up a wall if you needed to. Now, watch the video below, which is only 15 seconds, and I believe it’s self explanatory why those struggles don’t have to occur:

Plop a nug into the Chewy Herb Grinder, hit a button, and get a pile of perfectly shaved marijuana flakes. Unfortunately, the Chewy Herb Grinder is not on sale yet. However, you can help with that! There is a campaign on Indiegogo right now for the grinder, and as with any solid crowdfunding campaign, you can contribute to the effort and get your hands on the product via various levels of contribution. I absolutely want to see this campaign succeed so that these things can be all over the place.

Now that I know that this product is out there, I will never look at breaking up/grinding marijuana the same ever again. If you grind up your flower, whether it be for bowls, joints, blunts, vaporizers, or whatever, you need to support the campaign and get your hands on this. The Chewy Herb Grinder uses a standard 9 volt battery. The dimensions are (H) 90mm x (D) 73mm x (W) 21mm, so it makes it easy to fit into your pocket. You can contribute to the Indiegogo campaign for the Chewy Herb Grinder, and find out more about it, at this link here.


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