April 26, 2017

Survey of Cannabis Users about Trump Administration

April 26, 2017
Survey of Cannabis Users about Trump Administration

New survey results show that 40% of cannabis users feel the Trump Administration will have a negative effect on future of marijuana in the U.S.

70% feel that marijuana should be regulated the same as alcohol and tobacco in the U.S.

We think this speaks mounds about where the American public is at with the state of our current leadership and the space that the cannabis movement is in right now, so we wanted to share more from this study.

VMR Products, a global leader in the vapor technology industry, today announced the results of a commissioned study examining cannabis users’ opinion on the impact that the Obama and Trump presidencies have on cannabis legalization. For the survey, 300 adult cannabis users across the U.S. were polled in the last month.

70% of cannabis users think marijuana should be nationally legalized on the federal level

When respondents were asked their thoughts on the best approach for marijuana regulation in the United States, 70% felt that the United States should have national legalization and cannabis should be regulated the same way as alcohol and tobacco. 22% felt that it should be decided state-by-state and don’t agree with national legalization, and 9% had no opinion.

“Legalization of marijuana has been an ongoing debate in the United States for years,” said Jan Verleur, CEO and co-founder of VMR. “Our survey found that most cannabis users feel that if alcohol and tobacco can be effectively regulated on a national level, then marijuana should be included among that list as well.”

Respondents were asked what political party they typically support, 40% said Democrat, 32% Republican, 24% independent/other, 3% Libertarian and 2% Green.

Nearly 52% of respondents strongly disagree with the US government’s classification of marijuana as a schedule 1 narcotic drug. 30% of respondents agreed with the classification and 21% had a neutral feeling.

40% feel the Trump administration will have negative effect on marijuana industry progress

When respondents were asked their thoughts on the future of the marijuana industry under the Trump administration, 40% had expressed feelings that the appointment of reported anti-marijuana advocate Jeff Sessions as Attorney General could effectively lead to legislative stagnation of industry futures and perhaps even stamp out the industry altogether. 11% felt neutral where 34% felt that Trump’s alleged stance on states’ rights for regulation could help the industry advance undeterred.

“As our findings have shown, a majority of people feel that Sessions’ recent comments about the marijuana industry indicate a stance that could potentially hinder further legislative progress in the US,” stated Verleur.

Finally, respondents were asked how they felt about the Obama administration’s approach towards marijuana oversight. 61% of respondents had a very positive feeling asserting that the administration’s openness on consumption and state regulation made cannabis use more acceptable. Only 21% felt the Obama administration had a negative effect.


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