The 2017 Hemp Road Trip is Planning on Reaching 30 States in two Months

2017 Hemp Road Trip

Following a successful 2016 tour around the U.S., the group behind The 2017 Hemp Road Trip are trying to raise funds - so they can raise awareness about the power of hemp across the country.

“The number one myth is that hemp is a drug like marijuana – that it gets you high,” says Rick Trojan. Earlier this year, on the first leg of his 2017 Hemp Road Trip, Rick found a lot of misconceptions about the plant. “Many farmers don’t even know they can receive more subsidies than with corn,”explains Rick, “It’s a new option for many states, for example, in the Carolinas it could be used as construction material.”

The 2017 Hemp Road Trip is planning on reaching 30 states in two months. Beginning in the South, the bus of advocates will trek up the coast to the Northeastern states, then across the Midwest, up to Montana and Washington, then back across Oregon, Northern California, through Utah and back home to it's home base of Colorado.

"Get ready for another adventure in industry building!" says Rick Trojan, Founder at Hemp Road Trip, Co-Owner at Colorado Cultivars and Board Member at Colorado Hemp Industries Association.

"We had a successful 2016 on the road," says Trojan, "visiting 40 states and meeting thousands of common sense folks that understand the value of an agricultural crop like Industrial Hemp!"

In 2016 America lent the following support toward progess for the hemp plant"
- 10 new House sponsors
- 6 new Senate sponsors
- 7 new States legalized hemp (32 total)
- 6 new States planting in 2017
- USDA Certified Domestic Hemp Cultivation
- Nearly 10,000 acres cultivated nationwide
- Over 20,000 acres registered for 2017 season

You can help keep it going with a donation at the trip's gofundme.

Per the funding site, The 2017 Hemp Road Trip Spring Tour will cover 30 states, including states with NO hemp legislation (TX, UT, LA, MS, OH, MT, ID). They'll also be hosting events and activating people to engage their legislators and help bring an end to federal prohibition.

"We need your support!," says the website for donations, "This is a BIG country and taking a bus and crew on the road is expensive. Please donate and help us stay on the road and continue this important journey!"

The Hemp Road Trip says they greatly appreciate any donation, no matter how big or small.

"Let's keep this bus rollin, so that the message of this beneficial crop can spread throughout the country, and the United States can finally get #Back2OurRoots," reads the summary of the trip.

You can join in on the journey too, by following them us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where they will be posting pictures, videos, and status updates.