Marijuana Prohibition Set To End Nov 5th According To Bold Press Release

Richard Brumfield

Richard Brumfield

Just got this in my email and figured I'd share:

Marijuana Prohibition ENDS This Nov. 5!

For immediate release: 11/01/11

Richard Brumfield (newly appointed Chief Clinical Director of the IAMB/TbT group) and Dr. Rena Stark will be announcing Thursday on 'Time 4 Hemp - LIVE!" the details surrounding the end of the prohibition of marijuana in the United States. 'Time 4 Hemp - LIVE' is broadcast globally through American Freedom Radio and on AM/FM stations Monday - Friday, 1-2p.m. (EST).

Richard Brumfield has stated that cannabis clinical trials will begin November 5, 2011 and he will start working November 7 to add Omega XI Protocols into N.I.D.A and begin stocking inventories of the newly introduced Liquid Cannabis Sativa Medicine: OMEGA XI. Veterans PTSD treatment is to be the first Large population study! He is now seeking doctors and clinical staff to assist him and the University Of Southern California has been chosen as the Study Research Institution. FREE DEA HANDLER LICENSES will be given to everyone who joins these studies. STUDIES!

With the blessings of the White House and Vice President Joseph Biden along with support of many organizations such as the National Institute Of Health, R.E.A.D., and NIDA, Richard Brumfield will be overseeing all the legal cannabis production in America. When asked if this mean that farmers in the United States will finally start growing the world biggest cash crop for medicinal and industrial purposes, Brumfield replied; "With the end of cannabis prohibition,you can bet that we will create millions of jobs across the country and in just a few short months America will be on it's way to a full economic recovery."

Richard Brumfield will be sharing all the details when he sits down and takes, 'Time 4 Hemp - LIVE!' with host, Casper Leitch and Joint-Host Paul Stanford.