Oregon Cannabis Grower's Fair to Make Statewide History

oregon cannabis growers

The Oregon Cannabis Grower's Fair will be held in Salem, OR this coming weekend, August 13-14.Not only does this fair showcase some of the Oregon cannabis industry's experts both on stage and in booths at this event, but there will be a vegetative plant competition judged by cannabis greats such as Ed Rosenthal and Jenn Doe, first female High Times Cannabis Cup winner in the coveted hash category. 

"There are entries of plants from all over the state," said Peggy Anderson, one of the event's organizers, "and we are thrilled to be putting on this ground breaking event in Oregon!"There are many reasons that this event may be considered ground breaking, but for me there is one outstanding reason that makes it both ground breaking AND historical:in addition to being featured in Marijuana Venture magazine, the top 9 finalists will be recognized and presented at the Oregon State Fair by the Oregon Department of Agriculture later on in the month.Actions like these are critical as we move forward with legalization and normalization with this plant and the conversations that revolve around it. 

Mary Lou Barton, who has organized and put on both of the Cannabis Collaborative Conferences in Oregon and is the chief organizer for this event, said, "I believe this is historic for Oregon and for the entire industry...this one event is bringing this amazing plant and the growers the attention they so deserve! This was a vision and then has been a labor of love from the sponsors, exhibitors, growers and everyone in the industry.  I feel honored to be part of history and want those that have worked so hard to prosper.  This industry has come so far, but yet there will be many more hurdles to navigate through.  We need to work together and the Oregon Cannabis Grower's Fair is an example of WORKING TOGETHER!"

I couldn't agree with her more!The event itself has now received international coverage, and most recently the news of it made it to the London Telegraph

This will be an incredible event not to be missed!For more information and to purchase tickets, check out the website here.