Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review

Strain Review and Pictures Of The Famous Trainwreck Cannabis Strain
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Unmistakably pungent and super piney smelling, the now famous Trainwreckweed originated in Humboldt, California, though some say it was Arcata, California.

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There is also some debate as to whether it was born on a hill or small hill, and, if that was in the 60’s or the 80’s.

With that Pine-Sol® aroma and thick smoke, Trainwreck is a very potent strain with large resin production and 20% THC content. This strain yields pretty, large and very green leaves, with hard compact buds.

  • Type: 90% Sativa dominant
  • THC: 20% CBD: very low%
  • Grows: Indoors/Outdoors
  • Height: 60 inches
  • Growing Difficulty: easy
  • Flowering Period: 8 to 9 weeks
  • Harvest: Mid-October outdoors
  • Yield: 70 grams/per plant
  • Looks: light green, orange hairs and quite heavy resin;
  • Smells: pungent lemony, pepper notes.
  • Taste: smooth and piney; like Christmas morning
  • Effects: Clear-headed, focused, euphoric buzz. Ideal for daytime and high function activities
  • Potency: mid-range, no couch lock

Medical conditions this strain can be used to treat:

  • Depression
  • Muscle tension
  • Muscle aches
  • Soreness
  • Cramps associated with PMS, RLS, DDD,
  • nausea
  • Some pain caused by nerve damage

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