June 11, 2011

Arizona NORML June Newsletter

June 11, 2011
Arizona medical Marijuana dispensary

Arizona Marijuana FlagWe thank you so much for being involved and helping us bring important information to the community. Marijuana is an incredibly valuble herb for medical, spiritual, recreational, and industrial purposes. California has had medical marijuana since 1992 (Arizona voted in medical marijuana at the same time, politics prevented its implementation) and during that time many samples of California medical marijuana have been analized and tested and we have learned so much about the different cannabinoids, their concentrations, and how they help different conditions.

We are so excited for legal medical marijuana’s arrival in Tucson with the passage of Prop 203 last year. You may have heard, Governor Brewer has filed suit against the Federal Government over Prop 203. This lawsuit has caused the Arizona Department of Health to delay acceptance of dispensary applications and delayed the opening of medical marijuana dispensaries. This lawsuit does not affect patients or caregivers. Patients may still grow up to 12 plants at their home, there are strict rules that govern this program and we hope you will join AZ4NORML and learn these rules and become part of this exciting and important program.

NormlPatients should become part of this program. By being a registered patient you protect yourself and you are able to grow or to designate a caregiver. There are organizations in Tucson that are working hard to raise money to help subsidize the cost of doctor’s visits and ADHS patient fees. We also have links to great Dr’s Offices’ that will help you submit your records and to help you secure your patient ID card from ADHS. All these details are below, have a great weekend and please be careful out there!

AZ4NORML General Meeting Saturday, June 11 3PM

We are pleased to announce the June general meeting of AZ4NORML. New members are welcome, everybody is invited. Meeting will be held at the Ward 6 Council Offices at 3202 E 1st St, 1 Block South of Speedway Blvd and 1 Block East of Country Club Rd. Please come out and show your support for NORML and your own Tucson chapter, AZ4NORML. We will be drawing for our Spring Raffle, a beautiful quilt, grow equipment, and other prizes will be given away.

We will be taking nominees for President, Vice President and for Treasurer. Although only active board members may vote, we do value all our members’ opinions. The candidates will speak to the group about their qualifications and we will discuss the nominees over the next 30 days. It is with sadness that I announce my resignation (President) effective as soon as a new president is elected. I do plan on staying with AZ4NORML and in what capacity still needs to be determined. AZ4NORML founder, Mary Mackenzie, will moderate Saturdays general meeting, please give her a warm welcome!

Purple NugAZ4NORML Grow Meeting Saturday, June 11th 430PM

Please stay and attend the monthly grow meeting Saturday, June 11 at 430PM. Learn growing tips and discuss new technologies available. Also discuss your rights under prop 203. The grow meeting starts right after the general meeting and is free and open to the public.

Local Physicians Group Writing Recommendations!

Are you a medical patient with a qualified prop 203 condition? The TAMS medical group offers AZ4NORML members and discount and their doctors and staff will help you submit the required documents to ADHS. TAMS is a comfortable and private clinic with affordable recommendations and a staff that cares about you. Does your VA Doc give you a hard time about medical marijuana? Come see the doctors at TAMS and get your recommendation in a confidential setting with respect and dignity. Don’t forget to mention AZ4NORML for your discount!

Please let us know your recommendation experience. Do you know a good provider we can add to our website? Does anyone know providers in Nogales, Sierra Vista, Bisbee, or Benson? Please feel free to email [email protected] with your thoughts or information.

Jon Gettel
Facebook | Aznorml Tucson


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