January 19, 2016

Attorneys Go Big In Supporting Marijuana Law Section of Michigan State Bar Association

January 19, 2016
michigan medical marijuana town hall

michigan medical marijuana town hallThe new marijuana law section of the Michigan Bar Association is so popular with lawyers that the group’s initial membership contains five times the minimum number of attorneys needed to form a new Section, according to the group’s newly-elected Chair, attorney Bernard Jocuns of Lapeer.

270 attorneys filed for membership in the new Section; the minimum number of attorneys needed to create a new Section is 50. Attorneys from all walks of life- including prosecutors and judges- are eligible for membership and have joined. Law Students are also welcome and their membership in the Section is free up until their second year of practicing law.

The Section’s first official meeting was held at the Michael Franck Building in Lansing on January 8, 2016.

“The marijuana law section was formed to bring legal minds from many specialties together. There are diverse areas of practice which intersect when cannabis becomes involved,” Jocuns said. “We have specialists in personal injury practice, business law, academia, from the healthcare industry, appellate practice, patent attorneys, family law, energy companies, as well as those involved in cannabis and cannabis product manufacturing. We even have a former counsel for the Michigan House Republicans with us.”

Stepping outside his role as Chair of the Section, attorney Jocuns added, “Marijuana is in Michigan and it’s here to stay.”

The new Section elected officers at their first meeting. In addition to Chair Jocuns, they are: Daniel Grow from Kalamazoo, Vice Chair and Chair Elect; Mary Chartier, Lansing, Secretary-Treasurer; Council members Karl Numinen of Marquette; Bruce Block from Ada; Michael Komorn from Southfield; Barton Morris from Royal Oak; prosecutor Robert Hinajosa from Corunna; and Robert Hendricks from Grand Rapids.

“Our purpose is to create a framework so diverse groups like defense attorneys and prosecutors or members of the different specialty practice areas can communicate and network,” Jocuns offered. “We’re establishing roles for the legal community to prepare for the day when Michigan voters choose to legalize the adult use of marijuana.”

The Jocuns Law website is: www.bernardjocuns.org


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