Author of California Medical Marijuana Law Raided by Police

Politician Dennis Peron with Medical Marijuana

I received the following information in a disturbing e-mail from San Francisco’s Americans for Safe Access Chapter:

"Leland Cole reported about 4pm on Facebook that Dennis Peron, author of The Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and father of the modern medical marijuana movement, was raided at his San Francisco home.
Cole said the raid occured 72 hours ago and that Peron, who was recovering from a stroke, suffered a seizure as narcs broke down the door of his home.

Cole reports that it was "detective Vegas, (partner of the narc who shot Dennis in '78)" that broke down his door.

Cole reports that Peron was held overnight, was released the next day, and is at home recovering."

It blows my mind how biased and vindictive law enforcement can be...Leave the guy alone for crying out loud...