Chilean Miners Received Marijuana Underground


New York Times journalist Jonathan Franklin has written a book on the amazing adventure the Chilean miners went through last year. He was lucky enough to gain special access to the rescue operation. He found out some very insightful things about what the miners wanted most during their journey underground. Besides wanting women the most, the Chilean miners were receiving marijuana through letters from family members.

One miner, Samuel Avalos, noticed how a group of his colleagues would peel away, he suspected, to smoke the drug.

But, said they 'never even offered me one' although he was desperate to relieve the stress of his predicament.

The book's author, New York Times journalist Jonathan Franklin who gained special access to the rescue operation, said the small amount of drugs 'created more tension than it relieved' and claims worried officials discussed using a sniffer dog to intercept drugs before they were posted.

I don't blame, they needed something to relieve the stress on their part. Out of 33 men in a mine it is just to long for someone to want to smoke a joint or have a drink. The books is called 33.

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