October 13, 2014

Colorado Governor Candidate Wants Voters To Repeal Marijuana Legalization

October 13, 2014
colorado Bob Beauprez marijuana
colorado Bob Beauprez marijuana
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Colorado’s marijuana legalization effort has been a success by every measure. Teen marijuana use is down in Colorado, traffic fatalities on Colorado roads are at an all time low, tax revenues are being generated daily, and jobs are being created. So much for the sky falling, as predicted by many marijuana opponents. However, all that is outweighed by the dangers of marijuana according to Colorado Gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez. Per 9 News:

Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) and former GOP Congressman Bob Beauprez faced tough questions during Thursday’s gubernatorial debate.

Whether marijuana legalization should be repealed in Colorado came up, with Hickenlooper saying it would be premature to put the question to voters.

Instead, Hickenlooper said the state should tightly regulate the drug and prevent underage use. Beauprez says Colorado voters should be asked to consider a repeal, citing the possible negative effects on developing brains.

Apparently Bob Beauprez is not a fan of democracy. Why else would he want to repeal marijuana legalization, which Colorado voters clearly want proven by the fact that they voted for it two years ago? Mr. Beauprez, Colorado voters were asked about marijuana legalization already, and they clearly wanted it. So why are you still pushing for prohibition?


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