March 25, 2014

Colorado Voters Consider Marijuana Legalization A Success

March 25, 2014
marijuana legalization support gallup poll

marijuana legalization support coloradoPeople like Kevin Sabet will try as hard as they can to convince the American public that marijuana legalization is harmful, and that states should avoid it. Kevin Sabet will try to convince people that they will regret marijuana legalization down the road if they vote for it. Almost a year and a half after Colorado voters legalized marijuana, it’s very obvious that propagandists like Kevin Sabet are clearly wrong.

Below are results from a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling:

Two months after legal marijuana sales began in Colorado, its legalization has become more popular in the state. 57% of Colorado voters now say they think marijuana usage should be legal to only 35% who think it should be illegal. That 22 point margin in support represents an increase since the November 2012 legalization ballot measure that passed by 10 points with voters in the state.

“Colorado voters are generally having a positive reaction to marijuana being legal in the state,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “There’s even more support for it now than there was when voters passed it at the ballot box 16 months ago.”

As the poll clearly shows, marijuana legalization is even better than people initially thought. If you are fighting for reform in your state, make sure to share this poll with people that are on the fence!


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