February 3, 2012

Colorado’s Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Close To Qualifying For 2012 Ballot

February 3, 2012
vote for marijuana

vote for cannabisWe received an email today from the fine folks at Colorado’s ‘Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol‘ informing us they are roughly 2,500 signatures away from qualifying for November’s general election. They have until February 15th to turn in enough signatures and are expressing confidence they will get there!

Here’s some information from the campaign on where they currently stand and how to help:

We’re just one more step away from the ballot.

The Colorado Secretary of State informed the campaign today that we are fewer than 2,500 signatures short of qualifying for the 2012 ballot. This news is unexpected, but it really presents a small bump in the road and will not hinder us from making history this November.

We now have 15 days to collect the 2,500 valid signatures we need and a strong group of paid and volunteer petitioners will be out in force to make it happen. Given that we collected an average of 3,000 valid signatures per week during the first six months of the petition drive, we are confident we will complete this process successfully. In fact, we intentionally started the initiative process early to ensure we would have this curing period if necessary.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping out, but since we have so little time to coordinate the distribution and collection of petitions to a large number of people, we are asking that you only request a petition if you are absolutely sure you will collect at least 20 valid signatures and get them back in our hands by February 15th. In particular, we are encouraging people to really focus on reaching out to those they know (e.g. taking it to where you work, to a party or other small event, or literally asking friends if you can meet up with them to get their signature). Most importantly, we need to ensure all signatures are valid and that the signer did not already sign the petion during the first six months of the drive.

If you are interested in collecting signatures this next week and confident you can get them to us by February 15th, please send us an e-mail or call us at 303-861-0033. And if you want to help but are not able to collect signatures, you can do so by making a donation today in support of this critical final push.

With your help, we will get the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Initiative on this November’s ballot, and we will make history by ending the prohibition of marijuana in Colorado.


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