October 25, 2014

Columbia City Council Rejects Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance

October 25, 2014
missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meeting

missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingBy Aaron Malin

Last week, in a disappointing move, the Columbia City Council rejected an ordinance that would have decriminalized the cultivation of two cannabis plants by a 4-3 move. The decisive vote against the ordinance was Ginny Chadwick, who was elected earlier this year after promising repeatedly to support the ordinance. Local organizers have started a recall petition campaign to remove Chadwick from office, citing broken promises and other policy disagreements.

The Council listened to over three hours of public comment before voting, much of which was filled with vicious lies about supporters of cannabis policy reform. Watching those speeches, and the subsequent failed vote, was quite disheartening. But then, I remembered that the majority of Americans already support ending marijuana prohibition, and that Oregon and Washington D.C. are just weeks from joining Colorado and Washington in legalizing cannabis for adults. Even better, I remembered Missouri will be joining them in two short years.

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Source: Show Me Cannabis


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