August 5, 2015

Court Date Set For Michigan Cop Who Would Not Return Marijuana

August 5, 2015
cops law enforcement special needs students entrapment

cops law enforcement special needs students entrapmentCounty Prosecutor Tim Turkelson was ordered to stay away from the Fricke marijuana case; Lt. Detective Gary Parks of the Lapeer County Sheriff’s Department was ordered to return evidence to Ms. Fricke.

Both men ignored the court orders and now they have to answer for it.

The law firm of Komorn Law secured a recusal of the prosecutor’s office in the Fricke marijuana possession case. Turkelson was not supposed to be involved at any level in the Fricke case; the Attorney General’s office appointed a special prosecutor from another county to come in and oversee the proceedings.

When Fricke and Komorn Law won her case, she sued for the return of her merchandise, which was included among the orders at the time the Court disposed of the case. Lt. Parks laughed and refused; he then sent a series of emails to Turkelson asking advice on how to avoid returning the items to Fricke.

Turkelson offered advice, even though he stated that he could not help Parks, and suggested that Parks do nothing until required to by the court. Fricke’s legal counsel in the property matter, Rockind Law, has sued both men for failing to comply with the court order.

The hearing will be September 11 in Lapeer at the Courthouse.

The official notice of the court proceedings can be seen on the Rockind Law webpage.

Source: The Compassion Chronicles


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