Donate To Earl Blumenauer's 'Cannabis Fund' On 4/20

earl blumenauer marijuana garden fundraiser

(image via Oregon Cannabis Connection)

As far as I'm concerned, there is not an elected official out there that has fought as hard for cannabis reform as United States Representative Earl Blumenauer. I'm very proud that Earl is a Representative from my home state, Oregon, even if he's not my particular Representative. I don't live in his district, but I am a cannabis consumer and activist, so I support everything that Earl does. Because after all, he has done a ton for the cannabis community of which I am a part of.

Earl Blumenauer was a supporter of cannabis reform WAY before it was fashionable. These days politicians are jumping on the bandwagon left and right, with some being much more sincere than others. But Earl seems to have always been there. Google 'Earl Blumenauer marijuana' or 'Earl Blumenauer cannabis' and you will see tons of stuff pop up. There's a reason why I have given him 'Cannabis Politician of the Year' several times.

One of my friends Bradley referred to Earl today as a 'cannabis lion' because he is such a beast when it comes to supporting cannabis reform. I like that title for Earl. Earl has setup a special 'cannabis fund' to be used to support his cannabis advocacy work. There is a goal of $4,200 for the fund. I hope that the goal is met several times over. The suggested donation is $4.20 in honor of April 20th. If you are able, please support Earl. Because again, he supports you! You can donate at this link here.