November 2, 2015

Another Halloween Passes By And Kids Still Not Dropping Like Flies From Marijuana Candy

November 2, 2015
marijuana halloween candy
marijuana halloween candy
(image via NY Post)

Every single year. It happens every single year. There are millions upon millions of articles online about how concerned parents should be about their children’s candies. This concern has been going on for many decades. Cyanide laced Halloween candy was a big scare in the 70s. And for years, when a child died around Halloween, the media rushed to the sensational idea of poisoned Halloween candy.

However, it was always untrue. Most of the time, a child died of something completely unrelated to their candy, and the media just rushed to the headlines that would catch the most eyes. Sometimes it was even the child’s parents that poisoned them in order to collect life insurance money!

And in recent years- most prevalently in states of legal marijuana- police, newspapers, and prohibition supporting groups disperse this same idea in the form of marijuana infused candies. Yes, in legal states marijuana infused candies are absolutely everywhere, and they look almost identical to regular candies after they have been removed from the wrappers. The key phrase here being “removed from the wrapper” (why would you eat something that isn’t in its original container)?

Regardless, another Halloween passes and kids are not roaming their classrooms like stoned zombies, but they might be bouncing off the walls on incredible sugar highs. Turns out, the thing that has never been a problem in the past is still not a problem now. Who would have thought that?


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