July 14, 2016

Law Enforcement Group Endorses California’s Proposal for Legalization

July 14, 2016

CALIFORNIA – The group, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) recently announced their endorsement of California’s Adult Use of Marijuana Act.

The initiative will be on the ballot this November under Prop 64, and is set to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana for adults. Additionally, Prop 64 would increase privacy protections for medical marijuana patients who have required medical marijuana identification cards, allow courts to re-sentence many prisoners serving time for marijuana offenses, and re-designate or dismiss many marijuana offenses from the criminal records of those who have already served out their sentences. Tax revenue from marijuana sales would be allocated for bolstering communities that have been disparately impacted by the War on Drugs, most notably communities of color. Tax revenues would also be given to law enforcement agencies to improve detection of impaired drivers.

Many believe that a successful legalization effort in California will be a turning point for legalization across the country. Californians need to hear from pro-reform law enforcers, one of the most influential groups in past successful legalization initiatives, on why legalization, regulation, and control is a more practical and ethical approach to marijuana policy, and LEAP is proud to serve as the voice of law enforcement for this campaign. Our speakers have been working hard to educate California voters and lawmakers about the importance of supporting Prop 64 this November.

Please join us in backing this crucial reform effort, and donate now to support LEAP’s work in California and other states on the verge of marijuana reform.


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