Missouri Criminal Defense Lawyers Endorse Marijuana Reform


By Dan Viets

missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meeting

I attended the Annual Legislative Review Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers last Friday and Saturday. During the discussion of pending and anticipated legislation at that meeting, I moved that the MACDL officially endorse the passage of Rep. Ellington's bill to tax and regulate marijuana like alcohol. I also moved that MACDL endorse pending legislation which would legalize the expanded use of medical marijuana in Missouri, authorize the cultivation of hemp as an agricultural commodity and free Jeff Mizanskey from prison.

I am very pleased to report that the Board of Directors unanimously passed my motions to endorse all of this legislation.

The MACDL has represented the interests of criminal defense attorneys in the Missouri General Assembly for more than 30 years. Our organizations' lobbyists work largely behind the scenes to coordinate our support for such legislation and notify us when hearings take place on such bills.

Show-Me Cannabis will be working with MACDL as well as the ACLU of Missouri, Empower Missouri (formerly the Missouri Association for Social Welfare), Missouri NORML and other organizations to promote the passage of positive reform and stop the passage of bills which would inflict greater punishment for marijuana law violations.

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