September 30, 2014

Register Guard Endorses Oregon Marijuana Legalization Initiative

September 30, 2014
new approach oregon marijuana legalization

new approach oregon marijuana legalizationThanks for supporting Measure 91. This Sunday, the second-largest daily newspaper in Oregon joined the largest daily newspaper in Oregon to get behind the movement to regulate, legalize and tax marijuana. The Register-Guard in Eugene endorsed a Yes vote on Measure 91. Read their great piece here.

“Removing the threat of a drug bust from the lives of nearly one in eight otherwise law-abiding Oregonians would be one primary benefit of Measure 91. Another would be to kill or cripple the black market in marijuana.” – Register-Guard, Sunday 9/28/2014

Adding to the powerful voice of the Register-Guard, a handful of racial justice groups came out today in support of Measure 91. They are: the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), Partnership for Safety and Justice, Western States Center, and The Rural Oregon Project. They join the ACLU of Oregon, the City Club of Portland and the Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association as other organizations endorsing Measure 91. Marijuana prohibition enforcement unfairly burdens communities of color. Despite equal use across communities, an African-American is 100% more likely to be cited or arrested than a white person for marijuana related crimes in Oregon.

We’re fighting for a better approach to marijuana, and we can’t do it without your help. Please consider a donation to keep the campaign going.


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