January 30, 2015

Senator Feinstein’s Opposition To Marijuana Highlights Her Need To Go

January 30, 2015
dianne feinstein marijuana california

dianne feinstein marijuana californiaFor a very long time politicians either didn’t publicly support marijuana reform, or outright opposed it publicly. It was very, very rare to hear a politician, especially a federal politician, express support for marijuana legalization. Those days are rapidly drawing to a close, as more and more politicians at every level are getting on the right side of history. One of those politicians that are clinging to the past with everything they have is California Senator Dianne Feinstein. Per the Los Angeles Times:

Feinstein and fellow Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) recently sent letters to top Obama administration officials decrying what they view as the White House’s leniency on pot. “The administration should account for remarks and policies that send a message of tolerance for illegal drugs,” Grassley said in a separate statement.

“Feinstein declined to discuss the letters, which reflect a sentiment that is going out of style back home,” notes Evan Halper of The Times.

Note to politicians: Expressing opinions wildly divergent from those of your constituents is not the typical path to follow. According to the polls, up to 60% of Californians favor outright legalization, not merely decriminalization.

I don’t understand why Senator Feinstein is still in office. How is she getting re-elected when she is clearly so far out of touch with her constituents? California voters deserve to have a Senator that represents them and their will, not someone that clings to failed policies of the past. If you live in California, please, for the sake of sanity and logic, do not re-elect Senator Feinstein.


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