April 30, 2013

Show-Me Cannabis Regulation On Air

April 30, 2013
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show me cannabis regulation missouriBy John Payne

Last Thursday, our four week media campaign began airing on 105.7 The Point (KPNT) in Saint Louis, and the response has been overwhelming! Each ad ends with a call to action, asking listeners to visit our website and text a keyword to our mobile campaign. In this week alone, over 1,000 people have joined the mobile campaign!

To give some context, about 4,500 people receive our newsletter every week. That number has risen slowly but steadily since we started this regular publication last August. However, in one week, we have increased the number of people we can contact directly by nearly 25 percent.

These tools show tremendous potential for building support for legalization and other reforms around the state, and the applications are nearly endless. Once mobile subscribers opt-in with their address and ZIP code, we can send an automatic text or phone call that will connect them directly to their elected representatives in the state legislature, Congress, or even their local city council. We can also notify subscribers of upcoming events, and, when the time comes to circulate a legalization petition again, we can tell them where they can sign a petition nearby.

If we continue to run radio advertisements, branching out to new stations and locations, we can likely subscribe upwards of 25,000 people across the state to receive text updates from Show-Me Cannabis by next fall. That would allow us to put tremendous pressure on the legislature during the 2014 session and keep the ball moving towards legalization in Missouri.

If you want to be a part of that effort, please invest in our media campaign now! You can also join the mobile campaign yourself, by texting “smc” to 420420 now. And if you’d like to listen to the advertisements that are currently running, you can check them out on our website.

This is also a good time to mention the great media coverage we received this week. First, Charles Jaco covered Show-Me Cannabis’ April 13 conference in a ten minute segment Sunday morning. He interviewed Show-Me Cannabis supporter and Saint Charles Republican Committeeman Bryce Steinhoff about the conference and the progress we are making.

Then, on Tuesday, the Saint Louis Post-Dispatch, the most read newspaper in Missouri, ran a front page, above-the-fold article on the tremendous and rapid reforms to cannabis laws that we are witnessing across the nation and within Missouri and bordering states. Just a few years ago, Missouri’s political establishment treated cannabis law reform as a fringe issue, and on Tuesday, hundreds of thousands of Missourians saw it featured as the biggest story of the day.

We have the momentum right now. Keep us moving forward by contributing now! And don’t forget, any contribution of $50 or more (or recurring contributions of $20 or more) gets you a Show-Me Cannabis T-shirt!


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