Texas Sheriffs To Campaign Against Marijuana Reform Efforts


Whenever there is a chance that marijuana laws will be reformed in a state, an opposition is almost always led by law enforcement. Why is that? Is it because they know they won't be able to use the 'I smell marijuana, now let me search everything' tactic? Is it because changing marijuana laws will reduce their budgets, if for any reason because it makes asset forfeiture harder? Is it because they want jail beds to be reserved for marijuana offenders?

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Whatever the reason, I can guarantee it's not a good one. There is no reason on the planet that is good enough to keep marijuana prohibition in place, considering how many lives prohibition ruins and how much taxing and regulating marijuana helps society. Efforts to reform marijuana laws are underway in Texas, where Texas Sheriffs are leading the charge against such efforts. Per News Max:

The Texas Sheriffs Association says it will fight hard to block efforts in the coming state legislative session to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The group, which represents law enforcement officials across the state, will "oppose any effort to decriminalize marijuana or legalize medical marijuana or any of the components of marijuana," Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk told WOAI Radio in San Antonio.

It's sad that the Texas Sheriffs are opposed to marijuana reform in such a 'no matter what' manner. Have they even read any proposed legislation? It's like when they hear the word 'marijuana' they have the knee jerk reaction to say 'we are against it.' Well what if it actually helps cops do their job better by allowing them to focus on going after real criminals? Did they ever think of that? I thought cops were supposed to have compassion? If so, than why are they opposing medical marijuana, even CBD which doesn't even provide euphoric effects?