April 2, 2012

We Can’t Let Complacency Get In The Way Of Cannabis Reform

April 2, 2012
vote for marijuana

vote for marijuanaDon’t Let Complacency Be the Enemy of Reform

Cannabis prohibition is inhumane and inherently corrupt. Vile, even. It would seem, with such an obvious injustice, that more individuals would be involved in ending, or at least altering this policy. Whether looking at it from the angle of an economist, a humanitarian, or a politician, cannabis prohibition is, simply put: unacceptable.

Complacency is heavily to blame. People think they’re more protected than they really are, and too many don’t understand just how heinous these laws can be.

It’s a disgusting injustice of our legal system when possessing a candy bar’s weight (just an ounce and a half) worth of cannabis is an equivalent legal penalty in our RCW (Revised Code of Washington) as unlawful imprisonment, and carries the same five year maximum sentence. Reckless burning in the 1st degree and other serious and dangerous crimes fall in the same category. This is absurd. But hell, you can still get life in prison for certain (non-violent) cannabis offenses under federal law. Even if none of this ever becomes relevant for you or someone you know, the somber fact is that people do suffer from this archaic policy: and often. Lives are ruined, and many are lost, solely because of cannabis prohibition. It seems crazy, it seems ridiculous, it seems infuriating. It is.

We can’t stand for this anymore. We can’t stand complacent. We can’t hope for others to make a change for us. There’s absolutely no logical reason to keep cannabis illegal.

The propaganda, the lies, the mis-information: they’re all being blown out of the water by facts, science and human compassion. If you’ve been working to reform these policies, and to combat the lies: your work is paying off. If you haven’t, now is when we need you most. The movement needs more cannabis consumers and common sense crusaders to stand-up against prohibition, and for reform. Whether you decide to devote your life to cannabis law reform activism, or whether you simply scream the truth to your friends and family, you’re helping the cause, and it’ll be on your conscience when an end to cannabis prohibition brings about untold advantages and an end to unneeded suffering and cruelty.

Given how much ill-investment has been made on behalf of this oftentimes unbelievable prohibition, it will never crumble without an increase in active participants who make it a goal to help bring it to an end. This is where the point of all this avalanches into two clear words: get…involved! It can’t be said enough, and it can’t be stressed too deeply. Statewide and local efforts at reform are popping up everywhere, and current efforts continue to grow in support. Join in on these efforts, or if none exist in your area, start your own! As well as: contact your elected officials. Stand-up for reform at your local city council or committee meetings. Collect signatures for city and statewide initiatives. Stand at a highway overpass with signs declaring an end to this mammoth-like disaster known as prohibition.

Whatever it is you decide to do, do something! Don’t sit by idly while prohibition continues its destructive reign. Simply spreading the facts on cannabis prohibition is far more powerful than you may think. After all, it becomes hard to be complacent when you learn the truth.

By Anthony Martinelli – Sensible Washington Steering Committee Member
Fundraising, Communications and Outreach
[email protected]

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