WeedMaps Buys Marijuana.com For 4.2 Mil


General Cannabis, Inc.(OTCBB: CANA), (OTCQX: CANA), a technology-based Internet marketing services company, today announced that WeedMaps Media, Inc. has acquired the domain name Marijuana.com.

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WeedMaps Media purchased Marijuana.com on November 18, 2011 for an undisclosed amount(ed. reported 4.2 mil). The transfer of the name and control of the URL by WeedMaps Media is scheduled to take place in early January 2012. Marijuana.com, which is currently a bulletin board forum for marijuana news and information, generates over 3.5 million page views per month on average. The site generates revenue primarily through sales of banner advertising and forum sponsorship. One of the oldest marijuana sites online, Marijuana.com was launched in 1995 and boasts a user base of over 300,000 registered users.

WeedMaps Media intends to create entirely new website content for Marijuana.com. In addition, WeedMaps Media will bridge the site with the pre-existing WeedMaps.com membership database, eventually allowing for single sign-on across the entire network and effectively doubling the number of registered WeedMaps users to over half a million. WeedMaps Media will expand Marijuana.com's existing functionality as the leading destination portal in the cannabis industry by adding user generated reviews, videos and other community-focused content. Beta testing for the new website is scheduled to begin after the name and control transfer early next year.

"To best leverage the critical mass that WeedMaps has achieved with over 10 million combined web and mobile pageviews per month, we look to continually expand our reach within the medical cannabis community," said Justin Hartfield, Chief Web Officer of WeedMaps. "By integrating Marijuana.com with WeedMaps.com, we can monetize both properties more efficiently by reaching a wider audience of industry constituents and increasing business to our clients through greater exposure. In doing so, WeedMaps seeks to become the first medical cannabis user-niche advertising network in the world. Through acquisitions like Marijuana.com, and our own, in-house initiatives like GrowShops.com, WeedMaps Media has evolved into a full-fledged advertising platform with the capability to deliver enough targeted traffic to attract national and even international brands to advertise on our network of sites."

"Well established, premium top-level-domains such as Marijuana.com are easy to remember, rank highly in Google searches, and attract thousands of visitors per day in type-in traffic alone. Premium domain names add credibility and build brand awareness in niche markets," said Doug Francis, President of General Cannabis. "We believe that this domain name, combined with the WeedMaps Media suite of existing sites, reinforces our emergence as the go-to online destination for the medical cannabis community."

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