June 2, 2012

What Is The ‘Free Cannabis Project’?

June 2, 2012

Legalize it!The Free Cannabis Project

The Free Cannabis Project’s mission is simple… Free the Cannabis plant. Legalize it! All over the globe, through education and awareness.

Why? Because the cannabis plant is a blessing to this earth and its people. Cure for cancer as well as a myriad of medical benefits, its a taxable good, manufactured into thousands of products, can be used as fuel for cars, eaten as a super food and many other applications that would enhance our lives on this earth.

The plant has been the victim of a propaganda campaign lead by the US government and was turned into a world wide ban of this plant that is so useful and natural.

What we want to see is the world believe in the benefits,erase the stereotypes of danger and tell the truth where so many have been lied to. Once the world has declared the plant free our job will be complete. Until then we will provide information, support, and unite to change the laws, minds of opposition, and free cannabis around the globe through education.

We have groups popping up around the globe. Contact us to start or join a chapter in your area.

Source: The Free Cannabis Project Website


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