What Job Would You Want To Have In The Marijuana Industry?


The marijuana industry is growing at a rapid pace. There are all kinds of conventional (and not so conventional) jobs in retail, consulting, and beyond. Are you getting in on the action? Are you trying to crack into the industry? If so, what job do you have or want to have in the marijuana industry?

marijuana industry job employment career

One area that really peaks my interest is 420 tourism. I have heard of 420 cruise line ideas being discussed, bed and breakfasts, and all kinds of things. People want to go on vacation, and want to consume marijuana, so 420 tourism makes sense. How sweet would it be to work in paradise at a 420 resort?

A lot of my friends want to be cooks or bakers. Everyone likes a good edible, and bringing joy via a tasty snack or meal seems like a rewarding job. I want to eat full meals made of medibles in a 420 restaurant someday, in addition to being a taste tester in a 420 cooking/baking competition.

What about being a dispensary owner or operator? A grower? Quality control? Some of my friends work in cannabis reform politics, and make decent wages trying to make the world a better place. What about you? Do you currently work in the marijuana industry? If so, what position do you have and how do you like it? If you aren't currently employed in the industry, but want to, what type of job do you want?