Check Out The Tacoma NW Cannabis Classic Winners


The NW Cannabis Classic was held in Tacoma, Washington on August 29-30th at the historic Tacoma Armory Building. I talked with several people that were at the event, and they all said it was nothings short of fantastic. Tacoma was the second stop of the NW Cannabis Classic, with the first event taking place in Anchorage, Alaska on May 16-17.

nw cannabis classic

The event included quality vendors, workshops and lectures, people won free products and prizes, and included micro-lounges, live entertainment, and food trucks. The event even included a gamer's lounge, which I don't know that I've ever heard of something like that at a cannabis event before, but it's a stellar idea. People were lucky I wasn't there - I'm a beast at video games.

But the part of the event that I'm sure most people were there for, and what people are most curious about, is who won at the competition? There were five categories - Best Hybird, Best Indica, Best Sativa, Best Edible, and Best Concentrate. I want to personally thank all of the growers and processors that participated - your products are amazing! Below are the results of the event:

Best Hybrid

1st Place - #9: TJ's MK Ultra, James Orpeza, TJ's Organic Gardens

2nd Place - #12: TJ's Chocolate Kush, James Orpeza, TJ's Organic Gardens

3rd Place - #5: Leia Kush, Kevin Kelly, Hesperides

tj's white label

TJ's White Label by TJ's Organic Gardens

Best Indica

1st Place - #18: TJ's White Label, James Orpeza, TJ's Organic Gardens

2nd Place - #20: Blue Magoo, Michael Waldock, Olympia Mike

3rd Place - Blue Magoo, Adrian Murdock, Garden of Eden Genetics

Best Sativa

1st Place - #21: Grapefruit, Matt Cogan, Certified Clean Cannabis

2nd Place - #16: TJ's Durban Poison, James Orpeza, TJ's Organic Gardens

3rd Place - #13: Very Berry, Adrian Murdock, Matanuska Thunder Seeds

Best Edible

1st Place - #202: Mississippi Mud Pie, Bonnie Carris, Cannatonics Society

2nd Place - #201: Afghani Kush Chocolates, Michael Thomas, Curious Rx

3rd Place - #203: Girl Scout Cookies Chocolate, Michael Thomas, Curious Rx

OG Crumble

OG Crumble by Mr. B Extracts and Nature's Lab Extracts

Best Concentrate

1st Place - #102: OG Crumble, Donald Whitehall, Mr. B Extracts and Nature's Lab Extracts

2nd Place - #107: Leia Kush, Kevin Kelly, Hesperides

3rd Place - #105: Papayanapple, Sam Kashani, NW Alchemy featuring Headhunter Extracts


The third NW Cannabis Classic is coming to Portland, Oregon on November 7-8. I will be there, along with hopefully the rest of The Weed Blog crew. Come on out for an amazing time! You can find out more about the event at this link here.