Guru Of Ganja "Lets Get Growing" With Ed Rosenthal And Adam Dunn


If you are in the Denver area for the 420 holiday, you should consider attending the following event:

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Join Clover Leaf University with Professor's Ed Rosenthal and Adam Dunn for the "Guru of Ganja," a two Hour Cultivation Workshop at the Famous Hemp Hoodlab Colorado located at 3354 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205.  This will be an event not to miss.  Sign up now! Space is limited.

Note:  There will be a certificate for attending the class but this class is a 2 hour workshop version of our cultivation 101 class (4 hours)  and is not a cultivation certification course.  For more information on our certifications please visit

Guru of Ganja "Lets Get Growing" with Ed Rosenthal

It's a Whole New World

Join Ed Rosenthal for a comprehensive overview of medical marijuana cultivation. Gardeners at all levels, new or advanced, will find tips and techniques to save time, labor and energy. Learn how to:

Maximize your yield

Improve plant potency

Eliminate pest problems safely

Select and use the right equipment

Find the varieties that fit your needs

The course covers information necessary for success whether the garden is indoors, in a greenhouse or outdoors, small or large.

The seminar also covers professional horticulture methods:

Different planting strategies

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to enhance yield

UVB light

Light Deprivation and other Forced Flowering methods.

Seminar includes Q&A time with Ask Ed Rosenthal.

Guaranteed to change the way you grow forever.

To register for the event click this link here.