Attend The Oregon Growers Association Launch Event


One thing that has been very effective in the cannabis movement and industry is when like-minded people band together. When dispensary owners unite, good things happen. The same goes with marijuana growers. If you are a marijuana grower in Oregon, you should consider joining the Oregon Growers Association. They are having a launch event this Friday, and if you are able, you should attend. One of the guest speakers is someone I respect very much, Dave Kopilak. He is the best marijuana business attorney I have ever met, and when he talks, people should listen because it's pure gold. Below is more information about the event:

oregon growers association

The Oregon Growers Association was created as a trade association for Oregon cannabis growers. We formed the association as an offshoot of the Oregon Growers PAC for the purpose of connecting growers in a quickly changing industry.

We believe that a strong industry needs a strong foundation. We are dedicated to building that foundation in a meaningful, progressive and effective way.

As leaders in an emerging industry, the members of the Growers Association have the opportunity to be a professional voice for cannabis. With your membership you are working to build a strong cannabis community.

Event Details:

When: Friday, August 22nd, 2014 / 10am-1pm

Where: Star Theater located at 13 NW 6th Ave. in Portland. ***Please be advised that this is an updated location***

Cost: Free Event with Lunch being served from 12pm-1pm


Tom Burns: Oregon Health Authority

Dean Guske: Washington CPA working in the cannabis industry

Dave Kopilak: Attorney & primary drafter of the recreational ballot measure

Additional Speakers: policy makers, commercial real estate brokers and marketing experts

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