January 11, 2015

Chile Authorizes Second Round Of Medical Marijuana Cultivation

January 11, 2015
Chile Legalized Medical Marijuana

Chile flagThe Chilean government authorized a round of medical marijuana cultivation for patients and for research purposes. The harvest was very restrictive, and was seen as a trial run for medical marijuana cultivation in Chile. It must have gone well in the eyes of the Chilean government, because they are authorizing a second harvest. Per the Latin American Herald Tribune:

The Chilean authorities have authorized the company Agrofuturo to carry out a project of cultivation and harvest of cannabis sativa for medicinal purposes, the second such initiative in Chile.

A statement from the Agricultural and Livestock Service said on Wednesday that the marijuana planting is being done under strict compliance with legal and regulatory provisions.

The agency explained that Agrofuturo will begin industrial production of medicinal cannabis and research applied to the production process for national and international markets, but the reproduction of plants or multiplication of seeds of the species of the genus cannabis will not be allowed.

This is great news for patients in Chile. Hopefully it leads to more cultivation, and eventually the ability for patients to cultivate marijuana themselves if they have the desire to do so and are able. Now that the Chilean government has seen that the sky doesn’t fall when laws are reformed, they will be more likely to create a solid program for patients.


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