June 18, 2011

Colorado Department of Revenue Helps Raid Medical Marijuana Center

June 18, 2011
colorado cannabis amendment 64

colorado marijuanaThe first MMC applicant facility was raided last week by local law enforcement, with help from the Department of Revenue.

The details of this raid have not been released, but since the state has not granted any MMC licenses, this unlicensed applicant faces a very gray area in the law. By applying to become an MMC, they signed away all their Constitutional protection. And since they were not licensed by the DOR, they were operating in a legal gray area and probably will not be granted any of the appeals procedures through the DOR and will be charged criminally. And since they have no constitutional protection, they will likely not be able to use the affirmative defense that their cannabis production was legal under the Constitution. And since HB10-1284 gutted the affirmative defense even further, they may not even be able to say that their cannabis production was medical in nature, and will just have to defend themselves against criminal charges of distribution.

Only a handful of MMC-applicants have donated money to cannabislawsuits.com. Their general opinion is that the regulations in HB1284, SB109, and HB1043 are good for their business, making them feel more legitimate. Many are also hopeful that, since these regulations were intended to put 80% of MMCs out of business, they will be in the 20% that survive. None of them have expressed interest in protecting patient privacy concerns.

All of them are now taking their chances in a legal gray area with no license from the state and no protection from the Constitution. If they are ever charged criminally, their assets will be seized and their legal defense bill will be astounding. Contributing to Cannabislawsuits.com is a far less expensive way to regain their Constitutional rights.

We have until Monday, June 20, to raise the rest of the money. Please help spread the word. Below is a story from the Boulder Weekly that ran this week about the lawsuit.

Kathleen Chippi has given $30,000 of her own money for the first lawsuit in this challenge filed in January. Can’t you help carry the burden so we can file the next lawsuit?

If you are a patient, please ask your MMC to contribute. It’s about YOUR rights!

Thanks — PCRLP

Donate by June 20:


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