March 20, 2012

Majority Of Arizona Medical Marijuana Patients Are Over 40

March 20, 2012
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Arizona MarijuanaArizona Medical Marijuana Program Statistics

The State of Arizona released new data about who is enrolling in the Arizona medical marijuana program. Contrary to claims by medical marijuana opponents, the range of medical marijuana consumers in Arizona is very diverse. Many medical marijuana opponents always claim that it’s just healthy young people fraudulently obtaining medical marijuana cards. I would point to the fact that a majority of Arizona medical marijuana patients are over the age of 40, and that 99.2% of people that apply get approved. If there is indeed fraud going on, then it would take one of the biggest government conspiracies in the history of Arizona.

As of the writing of this post, there is only one other story about this on Google news. It was by the Tucson Citizen, and here’s some excerpts of what they had to say about the data:

“Of those, nearly three-quarters are men, and nearly 85 percent of all patients have requested to grow their own cannabis…People ages 31 to 50 make up the largest group of patients using the drug to counter illness, representing 40 percent of all medical-marijuana users. Those 51 to 81 account for more than 35 percent of patients, while 18- to 30-year-olds make up about 25 percent. People younger than 18 represent less than 1 percent…Geographically, medical-cannabis users mostly live in metro Phoenix and other highly populated areas, including metro Tucson, Yavapai County, Kingman and Lake Havasu City. Just six areas throughout the state have no medical-pot users, the data showed, and all are on Native American reservations.”

On the state government side, the outlook is just as positive for the program’s Director as it is for it’s participants. “The fact that we’ve got an older demographic tends to make me think that we did a decent job,” Will Humble, Director of the program said. “When you add up the folks older than 41, it’s well over half of the participants. That doesn’t mean there’s not recreational users in that group, but as you get older, you do tend to get more debilitating medical conditions, so I’m encouraged by that.” I would agree Mr. Humble! How anyone could oppose such a strong running program is beyond me…Oh wait, there is someone out there that can’t accept the facts for what they are.

“Do I think there are people who aren’t sick who are on that list? Absolutely. I think that people ought to listen to their doctors instead of their drug dealers.” said Carolyn Short, Chairwoman of ‘Keep Arizona Drug Free.’ Short said marijuana should be used only if a person has a terminal condition and doctors have exhausted all treatment and believe it is necessary. “I don’t have a problem with that,” she said. Does Carolyn Short have ANY proof to follow up her claim? Because she has never provided one that make sense. All she can do is spout comments that lack truth.

Carolyn Short, ALL MEDICAL MARIJUANA PATIENTS IN ARIZONA AGREE THAT THEY ‘OUT TO LISTEN TO THEIR DOCTORS INSTEAD OF THEIR DRUG DEALERS!!!!!!!!! That’s why they get DOCTORS to sign their medical marijuana patient applications, NOT DRUG DEALERS. Maybe if Carolyn Short had read the law and researched the program she would know that. However, she would rather keep her head in the sand, have people dying from overuse of pharmaceuticals, and cling to outdated, unfounded claims. Below is the statistics so you can read them for yourselves, instead of being a tool like Carolyn Short!


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