August 17, 2014

Medical Marijuana Dispensary May Lose Licenses Due To Embellished Resume

August 17, 2014
Massachusetts medical marijuana senate bill sb 1031

Massachusetts medical marijuana senate bill sb 1031Embellishing on a resume, or flat out lying on a resume, is a job strategy that is as old as time. Almost everyone has done it at one point or another. Rather than list that you flipped burgers after high school, you likely put that you were in the ‘culinary industry.’ Rather than list that you barely graduated high school due to partying and skipping class, you tack on an honor society or two and some extra curricular activities that you barely even know what they are.

It sounds like a person that received approval to run two medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts lied on his application, which is resulting in his applications being held up, and possibly terminated altogether. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

Kevin Fisher, executive director of New England Treatment Access,was found to have submitted false information in the company’s application documents for the licenses - first by a screening firm working with the state and then by The Boston Globe.

Fisher reportedly claimed he received a bachelor’s degree from Youngstown State University, when the college had no record of him graduating. The Globe also reported that Fisher claimed he’d studied for two years at Miami University in Ohio, but the school said Fisher dropped out after just one year.

Mr. Fisher should have known that the application was going to be heavily vetted, not just by the State of Massachusetts but also by the media. Getting a dispensary license in Massachusetts was not easy, and it’s going to be lame for patients if the dispensary licenses get rejected because safe access in Massachusetts is going to be hard enough to obtain. I personally don’t think that someone’s college transcript and graduation date should determine whether or not they are qualified to operate a medical marijuana dispensary.


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