November 29, 2013

Medical Marijuana Patients Aren’t Criminals

November 29, 2013
medical marijuana patient florida cathy jordan

medical marijuana patient florida cathy jordanFrom our friends at the Florida medical marijuana campaign:

Every week, people send us their stories: “My son had epilepsy.” “My husband was in an accident and had severe nerve damage…” “The medicine I take to treat AIDS has destroyed my appetite.”

In so many cases, people with legitimate, debilitating conditions were forced to do something illegal to get the care they need and deserve – and which the vast, vast majority of Floridians think they should have.

Please contribute today to support a major expansion of our petition gathering efforts.

Every contribution is matched dollar for dollar by one of our major supporters through December 5th.

We have just over four weeks to collect hundreds of thousands of petitions to finally get medical marijuana on the ballot. We’re going to do this through an intense volunteer effort – and the funding of many generous donors.

But it’s not enough – we need your support, and we need it today:

Please donate today – and double the impact of your contribution.

We’ve collected more than 400,000 petitions. We’re going to win in court and then we are going to win on the ground – but only with your help.


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