Medical Marijuana Protest Planned For South Dakota State Fair


South Dakota is not a populous state, and is not considered to be a leader when it comes to marijuana reform. However, that doesn't mean that South Dakota's marijuana laws don't need fixing, and it certainly doesn't mean that there aren't hardworking activists in the state. In fact, activists there are working very hard to spread awareness and acheive reform. They are planning a protest at the upcoming South Dakota State Fair. Per Black Hills FOX:

south dakota marijuana

Supporters of medical marijuana and industrial hemp are planning on staging a protest Friday that will begin at the South Dakota State Fair. Members of South Dakotans Against Prohibition have requested noise and parade permits to march from the fairgrounds to Campbell Park. KOKK-AM reports the group has also requested to temporarily close a part of Third Street, a major artery to the fair.

Cody Gardner of Huron says he already has about 150 confirmed protesters. He estimates there could be more than a thousand on Friday.

Kudos to the people in South Dakota. Their protest is already receiving press coverage, which is no doubt leading to many conversations in the state. A State Fair gets a lot of visitors and press, so a protest/rally at a State Fair is a great way to get attention to the issue of marijuana reform. If you live in South Dakota, I encourage you to attend.