Rhode Island Bill Would Place More Restrictions On Medical Marijuana

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Rhode Island H7888 Would Restrict Safe Access

Lawmakers in Rhode Island will debated a bill yesterday (H 7888) which would place further restrictions on the Rhode Island medical marijuana program. The fact that Rhode Island was bullied by the feds recently is not a coincidence. The legislation is seen as a 'compromise' with the Rhode Island Governor's Office by it's authors, but I see it as a backdoor way to cut off safe access in Rhode Island.

The cancer patient that needs their medicine isn't getting their symptoms cut in half, why should they lose half of their safe access to medical marijuana? I guess some access is better than no access, but still, Governor Chafee should be rewarded for being a coward in the eyes of the feds. He was elected to uphold Rhode Island law, and he should have been pushing back against the feds, not cowering in fear. Below is the language to the bill. If there is a vote today, we will post the result.

To download the bill, click here.