March 13, 2016

Statewide Florida Poll Finds 61% Support For Medical Marijuana

March 13, 2016
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united for care florida amendment 2 medical marijuanaMedical marijuana is back on the ballot in Florida after a 2014 initiative failed to pass by just 2 percent. The 2014 initiative received 58% of the vote, however, Florida requires at least 60% support on election day for medical marijuana to be legalized via the initiative process. An improved initiative, a more calculated campaign, and a bigger voter turnout will hopefully be enough to push the initiative over the top. A recent statewide poll showed a level of support that would result in a victory on election day. Per My News 13:

A new, exclusive News 13/Bay News 9 poll reveals that Florida voters are likely pass a second attempt to legalize medical marijuana.

The poll of 1,961 likely voters conducted this past weekend, found that 61 percent of all likely voters would vote in November for Amendment 2, which would change Florida’s constitution to legalize medical marijuana for “individuals with debilitating medical conditions.”

Prior to the 2014 vote, there were many polls that showed the initiative winning by a similar margin as this poll. Florida will be a highly contested battleground for not just marijuana reform, but for all things election related. It’s expected that a lot of money will pour into the state in an attempt to spread reefer madness, similar to what happened in 2014, but on a larger level. If you live in Florida, vote yes on 2, tell everyone else that you know to do the same, and contact the campaign to see how you can help.


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