Support Medical Marijuana Patients By Donating To 'Peace For Patients' Campaign


By Steph Sherer, Executive Director, Americans for Safe Access

medical marijuana peace for patients

A 53-year old kidney-pancreas transplant patient in Michigan who uses medical cannabis legally under state law must surrender to serve ten years in federal prison on June 11. And just to make matters worse, the US Department of Justice is also trying to confiscate his home and farm.  More than 80% of Americans support medical cannabis, and it is legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia. So why is the Obama Administration still attacking legal patients and providers?

One reason is because we haven't generated the kind of grassroots pressure that forces a change - until now. Our Peace for Patients campaign can swell the number of Americans calling for an end to the federal attack on medical cannabis to a size the President and Congress cannot ignore, but we need your help to make it happen.

Can you make a special contribution to help spread the word about the Peace for Patients campaign?

Peace for Patients is a grassroots pressure campaign designed to mobilize the large majority of Americans who believe in medical cannabis. This matters right now. Nothing in Washington, DC, happens just because it should. Our goal this year is to pass an amendment that defunds federal medical cannabis enforcement, and the landscape has never looked better. New allies and champions in Congress are ready to act. States are calling for change. The media message and public opinion is on our side. The only missing piece is a groundswell of public support. That is why we need your support for Peace for Patients right now. Your special contribution of $35, $50, $100, or more will help make it happen!

Hundreds of ASA members have participated in the Peace for Patients campaign since we launched the effort with a banner flying over a commencement speech given by US Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this month. Let's keep up the pressure and spread the word this summer!

Cutting off federal funding for medical cannabis enforcement means no more raids, prosecutions, or intimidation. It means no more tragedies like what is happening in Michigan right now.That is what victory could look like this summer if we succeed. Thank you in advance for your participation and support.

P.S. - You can also mail a check or money order payable to Americans for Safe Access to 1806 Vernon St. NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20009. Read more about the prosecutions in Michigan here.