Support The 'Swim To Legalize Medical Cannabis' Fundraiser In Nebraska


I came across a cool thing that I wanted to share with TWB readers. Please donate if you are able to. Below is more information, via the GoFundMe page:

swim for medical cannabis nebraska

On Sunday, August 23rd, I will be doing a two and a half mile lake swim  at Ginger Cove Lake in Valley, Ne. to raise awareness and solicit political contributions.

We are a group of parents and families from Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis that have beed affected in some way by illnesses that have not responded to traditional therapies and pharmaceuticals.

For example, many of you know our daughter Brooke, age 22, who has struggled wiith epileptic seizures since age 2. None of the doctor recommended pharmaceuticals have worked and most of  them have frightening warnings  and side effects. She still seizes everyday. Her last option is brain surgery.

Studies and clinical trials of cannabis, performed in other countries, have shown that it is a viable alternative for treating many who are out of options or at end of life.

Many who are living in legal access states are having great success and relief from pain and suffering caused by chronic disease. Cannabis treatment has a wide spread application including over 40 serious conditions to name a few: Cancer, Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, AIDS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Epilepsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Alzheimer's disease, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Glaucoma.

The Nebraska Legislature began discussions on medical use of cannabis this spring..  On May 27th it was decided to holdover LB643 until next session. It is a difficult healthcare issue for lawmakers to be deciding, which typically is left up to a doctor/patient healthcare relationship. In a 2013 FOX News poll in the US, 85% of people feel it is OK if they use medical Cannabis if recommended by a doctor.

What can you do to help?  Your contribution can bring a Constitutional amendment to the ballot for a vote of the people in November of 2016.  This will be a statewide initiative which will take hard work and nearly 1.5 million dollars ( the amount  the minimum wage campaign spent last year) to acquire the number of signatures necessary.  Therefore, we are asking for donations to cover the costs to run a successful campaign.  We will keep you informed of our upcoming events and ask you to join our team to help volunteer, petition, and vote to bring cannabis to those who have qualifying conditions.

Currently 23 states  and DC have legal access to medical cannabis, If legalized in our state the citizens will have a choice to try medical cannabis as a medicine for compassionate relief of needless suffering in the "Good Life" state, Nebraska .

We will accept contributions of any $$ amount! We cannot accept anonymous donations due to the political nature.

Thank you for your consideration, Please visit nebraskafamilies4medicalcannabis.(coming soon)

GOFundMe will be forwarding contributions to:
Shelley Gillen
c/o Nebraska Families 4 Medical Cannabis
14504 South 23rd
Bellevue, Ne 68123